Fresh start

Happy Monday everyone.
Fresh Start to a New Week...


My drEAm just landed in my lap

Today- I found my dream job. The position that I want at the company that I want to work for. The company that I want to pour my blood, sweat, and tears into.
Time to get creative and think of ways to stand out in the crowd.

Interning is a great way to get a foot in the door..or at least your big toe. Even though I have graduated, I am more than willing to try to dip my pinky-toe into this HUGE opportunity of an internship.


Springtime makes me think of...


Spring-time-Perfect Time

Spring is the perfect time for fresh beginnings.

I just switched out my boring old white sheets for beautiful, pretty, girlie, flowery, sunny sheets. I love waking up with the sun puring in my room surrounded by BRIGHT, SWEET flowers. ahhhh...Springtime.

Vintage jewels

I guess this space is slowly morphing into my wish list of things I love!
I love these vintage looking rings...don't you?
You can see a bunch more ideas using these recycled caps on the dieline.
The colors and the feel are sure to add an edginess to any look.


Living Color

I love fashion because I LOVE COLOR. Color says so much about personality, theme, temperament and mood.

I love the Pantone color system and found a great tool for the Fall 2010 Fashion arena. The colors are beautiful. I will enjoy seeing bright colors such as the Lagoon and Endive in collections coming this Fall.
The photo on the right is Erin Fetherston's design. She used the color "Living Coral"... one of my top favorites of the collection.
The "Golden Glow" is also one of my favs for the Fall.
Eli Tahari showcases his inspiration with golden pants.



–verb (used with object)
to think or infer without certain or strong evidence; conjecture; guess.
–verb (used without object)
to conjecture or guess.
a matter of conjecture.
an idea or thought of something as being possible or likely.
a conjecture or opinion.