Let's get away

Happy Friday!


About me, about you

http://www.colorstrology.com/ This is a really cool site to find out what link your birthday has to your personal color and what it says about you.

I was born an Aquarius, and I really enjoy researching and learning about my Sun Sign. Colorstology is another really cool way to learn more about yourself: my color is Peach. So pretty, I love it! The description it gives is really cool too.

Shoes, Shoes, Everywhere

I guess I'm going through a shoe festish.
LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thanks to Olsen.


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Blogger Buzz

Am I a stray?

I was at the gym yesterday and it occurred to me...I am so stressed out. Always running around, always working hard just to get by.

It just so happens that my friend posted this great article on my fb page. Although I do feel like the stray cats the author refers to, I know that if I can keep myself in check, it will all be ok. It's not about what you do, what you accomplish, or how much money you can make... it is about TRUTH. Be true to yourself and those around you, and the universe will give back. Just my thoughts and hopefully, a breath of fresh air and an excuse to feel peace.


Great kicks

I love these cute sneaks from Habitat. So cute! Look comfy and easy to slip into while running around town.
Fair price and nice colors- I would love to see some printed fabric on these bad boys.

Ahhh-to be Free

I recently applied for an internship position with Free People , as a concept intern.

I literally cannot contain my excitement and the anxious feeling I have about finding out! I even spoke with a FP employee via FP facebook to inquire about the status of my app and the position: As of yesterday, not filled and still reviewing applications/candidates.

Keeping my fingers, toes, legs, arms...and eyes crossed.

Spring forward

I love Springtime! I fell in love with these beautiful pinks, browns, and greens.
Springtime is fresh starts and new beginnings.